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Hubert de Lartigue
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1963, Angers, France. He currently lives and works in Vitry-sur-Seine near Paris.


1987: DSAA Higher Diploma in Applied Arts at the Ecole Estienne
1986: BTS in visual expression at the Ecole Supérieure Duperré
1983: BAC F1 mechanical construction


In 1988, after completing studies in graphic arts, Hubert de Lartigue got a job in a packaging creation studio.

One year later he set up as a freelance illustrator and worked mainly in the packaging sector. At the same time he published covers of science fiction books and role playing games. He gradually turned to pin-ups that became his favourite subject.

In 1996 he published "Super Héroïnes" at Soleil.

In 1999, after his virtual encounter with Louis K. Meisel and Charles G. Martignette on the internet, he put on a show in New York

In 2000 he published "French pin-ups" at Boo!press, the publishing house that he created together with Hervé Bienvault.

In 2003 he showed his work at the Frédéric Bosser gallery in Paris and it was during this same year that he met his muse, Octavie, who was the inspiration behind his decision to work on larger formats and in a more realist style. He exhibited these new works at Frédéric Bosser and in New York at the Bernarducci-Meisel Gallery. Several works and catalogues have been published and they are available on the Boo!press website.

He continues to produce around 10 paintings per year. His main gallery, however, is in New York and it is the Bernarducci-Meisel-Gallery.



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