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Ricardo Renedo Jesus Monge

Directory of Realists Artists
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Ricardo Renedo

Javier Fernandez Perez

Gildardo Zambrano

Karen Shahverdyan

Jose Higuera

Barbara Clark

Lucas Bononi

Laurence Saunois

Blanca de Gracia

Jesus Monge

Billy Monsalve

Jose Lopez

Louis Comeau

Manfred Honig

David Cunningham

Guido Kleinhans

hyperrealism paintings by Renso Castaneda

Renso Castaneda

Will Pealatere

Manuel Gomez

Janne Kearney

oil paintings by Bo Bakker

Bo Bakker

pinturas realistas de pedro vergara

Pedro Vergara

Stephane Dillies

hyperrealism paintings by Ellery Gutierrez

Ellery Gutierrez

Emilio Perez

oil paintings by Dana Malcolm

Dana Malcolm

John Joseph Hunn

Carmen Mansilla

realism art by Marina Dieul

Marina Dieul

pinturas de tomas guzman

Tomas Guzman

oil paintings by Alan Dingman

Alan Dingman

oil paintings by Roman Romanov

Roman Romanov

hyperrealism paintings by omar ortiz

Omar Ortiz

oil paintings by Victor Wang

Victor Wang

oil paintings by Jacqueline Gnott

Jacqueline Gnott

Fermin Garcia Sevilla

oil paintings by Geoffrey Laurence

Geoffrey Laurence

oil paintings by Marco Zamudio

Marco Zamudio

oil paintings by Edna Schonblum

Edna Schonblum

oil paintings by Debra Kierce

Debra Keirce

oil paintings by Marisa Terron

Marisa Terron

oil paintings by Josep Maria Cabayol

Josep Maria Cabayol

oil paintings by Fernando Lavoz

Fernando Lavoz

pintura realista de Sergio Nunes

Sergio Nunes

oil paintings by Aleksander Balos

Aleksander Balos


oil paintings by James W Jhonson

James W Jhonson


oil paintings by Jesus Susilla

Jesus Susilla

oil paintings by Kolbjørn Håseth

Kolbjørn Håseth


oil paintings by Nathalie Vogel

Nathalie Vogel


oil paintings by Gianluca Corona

Gianluca Corona

oil paintings by Rafael Herrero

Rafael Herrero

oil paintings by Laura Fantini

Laura Fantini

oil paintings by Lance Richlin

Lance Richlin

oil paintings by Timothy C. Tyler

Timothy C. Tyler

pintura realista de Imma Merino

Imma Merino


oil paintings by Yutang Yang

Yutang Yang


oil paintings by Sergio Gaspar

Sergio Gaspar


oil paintings by Mauricio Fernandez

Mauricio Fernandez


oil paintings by Francisco Vazquez

Francisco Vazquez

oil paintings by Francesco Federighi

Francesco Federighi


oil paintings by Siavash Mahvis

Siavash Mahvis


oil paintings by Betty Moll

Betty Moll

oil paintings by Terje Adler Mork

Terje Adler Mork

oil paintings by Jose Montiel

Jose Montiel

oil paintings by Eric Armusik

Eric Armusik

oil paintings by tomas Castano

tomas Castano

pintura realista de Horacio Cardozo

Horacio Cardozo

oil paintings by Alan Cayton

Alan Cayton

oil paintings by Oscar Durand

Oscar Durand

oil paintings by ali esmaeilipour

Ali Esmaeilipour

oil paintings by Ricardo Celma

Ricardo Celma

oil paintings by Alex Perez

Alex Perez

oil paintings by Ron Morrison

Ron Morrison

Brent Witt

oil paintings by Maureen Thompson

Maureen Thompson

oil paintings by Antonio Zuñiga

Antonio Zuñiga

oil paintings by Jorge Daeger

Jorge Dager

Bryce Cameron Liston

Bryce Cameron Liston

De Angel

De Angel

Laura Hughes

Laura Hughes

Jeanne illenye

Jeanne illenye

oil paintings by Scott Kiche

Scott Kiche

oil paintings by David Xiaoping Xu

David Xiaoping Xu

oil paintings by Spartaco Lombardo

Spartaco Lombardo

oil paintings by Cesar Yauri

Cesar Yauri

oil paintings by Vic Vicini

Vic Vicini

oil paintings by Kenneth Browne

Kenneth Browne

oil paintings by Alain Lutz

Alain Lutz

oil paintings by Stephane Heurion

Stephane Heurion

oil paintings by Claudio Dantas

Claudio Dantas

Jesus Monge

oil paintings by Alexander Seliverstov

Alexander Seliverstov

oil paintings by Rick Perez

Rick Perez

oil paintings by Dominique Amendola

Dominique Amendola

pintura realista de Pauline Adair

Pauline Adair

oil paintings by Chen Jiqun

Chen Jiqun

oil paintings by Luigi Grassia

Luigi Grassia

oil paintings by Dragan Gilic

Dragan Gilic

oil paintings by Tomas Medina Mota

Tomas Medina Mota

oil paintings by Laky Gatti

Laky Gatti

oil paintings by Leandro Sanchez

Leandro Sanchez

oil paintings by Renato Ferrari

Renato Ferrari

oil paintings by modjtaba tajik

Modjtaba Tajik

oil paintings by Sandra Filippi

Sandra Filippi

Pinturas hiperrealistas de Paco Yuste

Paco Yuste

oil paintings by Miles Mathis

Miles Mathis

hyperrealism paintings by Jose Madrid

Jose Madrid

pintura realista de Miguel Tio

Miguel Tio

hyperrealism paintings by Vecu


oil paintings by Mark Kingston

Mark Kingston

hyperrealism paintings by Ronald Bowen

Ronald Bowen

Ed Roberts



Realism is a visual art style that depicts the actuality of what the eyes can see. Realists render everyday characters, situations, dilemmas, and objects, all in verisimilitude. They tend to discard theatrical drama, lofty subjects and classical forms in favor of commonplace themes. Gustave Courbet is credited with coining the term, which often refers to the artistic movement, sometimes called naturalism, which began in the 1850s in France.

Realism appears in art as early as 2400 BC in the city of Lothal in what is now India, and examples can be found throughout the history of art. In the broadest sense, realism in a work of art exists wherever something has been well observed and accurately depicted, even if the work as a whole does not strictly conform to the conditions of realism. For example, the proto-Renaissance painter Giotto di Bondone brought a new realism to the art of painting by rendering physical space and volume far more convincingly than his Gothic predecessors. His paintings, like theirs, represented biblical scenes and the lives of the saints.

In the late 16th century, the prevailing mode in European art was mannerism, an artificial art of elongated figures in graceful but unlikely poses. Caravaggio emerged to change the direction of art by depicting flesh-and-blood human beings, painted directly from life with an immediacy never before seen.

A fondness for humble subjects and homely details characterizes much of Dutch art, and Rembrandt is an outstanding realist in his renunciation of the ideal and his embrace of the life around him. In the 19th century a group of French landscape artists known as the Barbizon School emphasized close observation of nature, paving the way for the Impressionists. In England the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood rejected what they saw as the formulaic idealism of the followers of Raphael, which led some of them to an art of intense realism. The final years and aftermath of the First World War saw a return of realism and of styles dating back to before Post-Impressionism, in the so-called "Return to Order" - this became known as "Neo-Realism" or "Modern Realism" in England (led by Meredith Frampton, Charles Ginner, Harold Gilman and the Euston Road School), traditionisme in France (led by André Derain) and "Neue Sachlichkeit" (led by Otto Dix and Christian Schad) and "Magic Realism" in Germany.

Trompe l'oeil (literally, "fool the eye"), a technique which creates the illusion that the objects depicted actually exist, is an extreme example of artistic realism. Examples of this tendency can be found in art from antiquity to the present day

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