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Debra Keirce
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My love has always been 2D art, and I enjoy painting in a realistic style.  Many realists paint small subjects on large canvas, exaggerating the detail to a degree where even a camera or Photoshop would be hard pressed to duplicate the clarity.  I prefer to work in smaller formats.  To achieve extreme detail, I use magnifying lenses while I am applying the paint.  My art is small, yet it can be magnified to many times the original size, and still appears tightly rendered.  This innovative approach reaches beyond traditional fine art, and the work I create is functional in small spaces, or as an installation of several pieces on larger walls.

I delight in sharing my passion with art lovers who appreciate work that pulls from the edgy contemporary styles as well as classic compositions.  I work primarily in oils and acrylics, but as a self professed rule breaker, don't hold me to those!



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