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Stephane Dillies
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Stephane Dillies is a figurative French painter born in April 1975 in France. Graduate of Fine Arts (MFA), he lives and works in Brussels and exhibited in France (Lille, Le Touquet, St Tropez) as in Belgium (Brussels, Mouscron).
His paintings, of varying sizes, are executed from photographs or photographics combinations. Stephane Dillies proposes an approach similar to hyperrealistic painters, except that he offers new issues of painting to spectators, rarely addressed elsewhere since 2006. His paintings of garbage reflects the world of insatiable consumption of our society. The themes that are particularly favored are waste, whether real (plastic bottles, soda cans, cardboard, paper) or symbolic (celebrities in alcohol & drugs, low-resolution images from the internet ... ).
His paintings are modern vanities, they remind us of the famous Latin phrase "memento mori", "remember that you shall die" and that we'll all end up like soda cans, to scrap!

Graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts - Brussels, Belgium. (Aggregation Superior - 2010)

Graduated from the Ecole Supérieure d'Expression Plastique, Tourcoing (Nord, France)
(Master of fine arts - MFA - DNSEP - 2006)



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