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Laura Hughes
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I EMBRACE PAINTING as a way to create beauty through the bold use of color and design.  From art lessons at the age of eight, to a BA in Studio Art at Boston College, and now currently as an Independent Artist, painting continues to be an integral part of my life. 

While I started early in my life as a Watercolorist, College introduced me to the richness of oil, and challenged me to increase the scale of my work.  As a Contemporary Realist Painter, oil continues to be my preferred medium, and large scale still life compositions remain my subject of choice.  Through still life compositions, I am able to control subject matter to maximize and depict the interplay of light and color.  The sensuality of texture and color provide great inspiration.    Rather than depict objects as exact renditions, I choose to maximize effect by using bold color contrasts and energized paint strokes.

Each painting begins with an idea that is inspired by either an object or piece of fabric.  I design the composition around the original inspiration in order to create balance through theme, color or content.  The composition is first rendered on canvas through a light charcoal sketch.  Once the drawing is exact, the painting begins.  I paint wet into wet in order to maximize the vibrancy of the paint.  I work through a painting methodically in sections completing an object/background in totality before moving to the next area of the canvas.  I never re-work a section of the canvas that has been painted as I find the result detracts from the richness of the original surface.  I work on only one painting at a time to maintain focus and energy.

Like so many Artists, I am faced with the challenge of balancing the desire to create with the need to make a living.  While striking a balance has sometimes been difficult, finding time to paint is a priority as well as a passion.  As a person who strives for change, I have never grown tired of painting.  I paint out of loyalty, out of respect of a gift that has been bestowed upon me and out of the constant desire to improve




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