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Jennifer Perry
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I am Jennifer Perry, and I have lived a very interesting life, filled with experiences. 

I have lived joy and I have lived pain. I have lived with anger and I have loved deeply.  Some of what I have experienced has been wonderful and life changing.  Some of the experiences have been a baptism by fire but they all taught me some basic truths.  I now know for certain that any life lived with passion, with a thirst for knowledge and with a talent for survival is worth living and the person living it is worth knowing.

I know that the whole truth involves the human spirit and is about the incredible soul that lives inside each one of us.

In my work, I paint about that soul....that core part of ourselves that feels the pain, that learns from our mistakes but isn't measured by them.  I explore what it means to be human.  What it means to hurt and to heal. What it means to celebrate and to triumph.  What it means to be gloriously flawed and beautiful.

In my paintings, I tell your stories and mine.  For these stories unite us as human beings.  These inner tales join us together to tell a larger story, which is the story of humanity.

We are all connected.  Together we lift each other up, we help each other survive and we search for the joy that will make us whole again.



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