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Mariano Ristori
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Mariano Ristori Morakis was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1970.

In 1989, he began to study with one of the pioneers of the generative movement In Latin America: Eduardo Mac Entyre.

In 1991 he started working for Praxis Gallery, in Buenos Aires, which bought his works until 1996.

He also displayed some works at the Hyatt Hotel, in collaboration with Praxis Gallery. He participated in ARTE B.A., in 1995, as well.

He is actually working as an independent artist and selling his works to private collectors all over the world.


1995. - Centro Cultural del sur, Bs. As., Argentina. Honor prize- Nucleo de arte Gallery. 

1996.- Argentine Artists- Ursomarzo Gallery.

1996.- VII Bienal from Sacred Art.

1997.- Argentine Artists- Ursomarzo Gallery.

1998.- Special Prize at Loft-Espacio Alfa Gallery.

1999.- XI Argentine Artists-NATIONAL CONGRESS, Pasos Perdidos Room (photo)

2000.- "La Carbonería" Gallery.

2000.- Argentine Artists - Ateneo Popular de la Boca, Bs. As., Argentina.

2000. - Argentine Artists - Club Boca JR., Bs. As., Argentina.

2001. - "CASA DE GOBIERNO", Buenos Aires, Argentina  

2002.- Megaexposición "Artistas Plásticos de Barracas" Bs. As., Argentina Nude models, painting workshops, painting painters, Argentine oil painting, oil paintings, canvas, canvas to paint large, Argentine painter, Argentina art history, museums Argentina, latin american, art museums, hyper, painting hyper-realistic, hiperrealism, still life, latin american paitings, galleries art, contemporary painters, painters in Buenos Aires, Pettoruti, museum of fine arts, cultural, Argentine art, library artistic, art books, painting classes, landscapes of Antarctica, space art, landscapes of Patagonia, portraits, portrait in Buenos Aires, exhibition guide, daily art, magazine,


2002- This article was published in October and features an Eduardo Mac Entyre´s review    



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