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Ned Martin
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I have painted since early childhood and although I was a Fine Arts major at Towson State University in Maryland, then went on to study at the Schuler School of Fine Art in Baltimore, I consider myself self-taught.

The experiences of painting on the River Seine in Paris and in the fields of Scotland have provided additional inspiration and beget success of exhibitions in numerous galleries in Baltimore as well as New York, Toronto and Florence.


So many times, (while I paint) people look at my art in progress and say, “Are you done yet? It looks finished to me.”  And I laugh and keep painting. Why I put down thousands of little marks of paint and then break them up and scratch through them (with a palette knife or


anything hard) only to add more and more… I cannot say. I just know I have learned to let go, much like skydiving and learning to enjoy that feeling of falling. It takes about 3 weeks to complete a painting and while I do start with a photograph, the painting soon takes over. I discard the photo and enjoy the ride.

I live and paint in Mid-town Manhattan during the week and live and paint in rural Central PA during the extended weekends. I am blissfully stuck in my two worlds; simply cannot live in one without the other. My paintings are a reflection of the dichotomy: very photo-real and calming when viewed from afar, contemporary, abstract, maniacal when examined closely.



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