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Stephen Shub
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Artist Stephen Shub is one of the most soft-spoken, low-key and humble artists I’ve ever encountered. And given his incredible, obviously God-given talent, you might expect him to act as if he walked on water.

Not the case with Stephen Shub.  All Shub has ever wanted to be is an artist. And after forty years of pursuing his passion and a body of work that leaves most in awe, Stephen has undoubtedly earned the moniker.

I felt compelled to write something special about Stephen today because here’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, an artist with unbelievable talent, a professional whose work should be hanging in museums, yet he has had difficulty this past year selling his paintings.

Part of the problem may be that when people first encounter his work, they immediately assume that they are looking at a photograph. Not so. These are oil paintings, folks.

A few weeks ago, after promoting one of Stephen’s paintings on Twitter, we received the following message from another artist:

“Why would anybody bother painting something so realistic?”

I had to stop to think about this question for a moment, initially disregarding the comment as a common case of artists criticizing other artist’s work – something that quite frankly is the absolute bane of the art world. But, I did respond on Stephen’s behalf. The only reply I could come up with: “Because he can.”

Today, I reach out to collectors, designers, buyers and art lovers everywhere. Help us put Stephen Shub “on the map”.

Whether you’re a fan of Stephen’s hyperrealist work, or not, an artist of Shub’s caliber deserves our attention.

Steven Shub should be the poster child of “When an artist blows your mind.”




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